Running Beyond

Running Beyond PDF Author: Ian Corless
Publisher: Aurum
ISBN: 1781316503
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 240

Book Description
Ultra running is one of the world's fastest growing sports and in Ian Corless who runs the scene's most influential podcast, ultra-running has the perfect author to chronicle its rise. Running Beyond is a homage to the sport's legendary races, unique, commissioned photography, captures the diverse and striking terrain - from mountail peaks, to jungles and deserts. Through interviews with the legendary athletes of the sport, Running Beyond is the ultimate homage to the ultra-running world. Foreword by record-breaking, world number one, Kilian Jornet (Run or Die).

Running Beyond Empty

Running Beyond Empty PDF Author: Ben Kruser
Publisher: Petra Books
ISBN: 1927032539
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 380

Book Description
Fun and entertaining, Running Beyond Empty exploresthe many challenges faced by mother and daughterwhen their world crumbles.Dinah is suddenly jobless and forced to move in orderto provide for herself and Selah, who is hurt, angryand confused. Face-to-face with life‛s realities, theiremotions are stretched by the new people and eventsin their lives. Both learn to stand up to obnoxiousfolks and fi nd that their hard work helps them stayfocused on their goals.The empowerment of caring relationships carriesSelah and Dinah through heartbreak and loss as theydiscover that running starts with believing in yourself.Ultimately their resiliency opens up new hopesand dreams — shared with Bill and Norm, the twospecial men in their lives.Enriched by many colorful characters — JohnnyPancakes, Blackie, Patsy, Wawaneehi — the story ofthese two feisty women will capture your imagination

Running beyond borders

Running beyond borders PDF Author: Dr. Thomas Taut
Publisher: Egoth Verlag
ISBN: 3903183970
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 176

Book Description
In SPORTaktiv, one of Austria ́s biggest magazine covering active sports, the report about my sporty trip around the world started with this particular statement. That was a bit disappointing for me at first sight. The editor in chief was obviously surprised by my appearance regardless of all of his years of experience. Right at the start of my key note speeches I almost always experience the same amazement, sometimes followed by the bewildered question: "This is – you?! " Your expectations and my reality are colliding nearly at the speed of light. Oh yes, I had to become used to look into so many disappointed eyes right at the start of my presentations. "Nobody on the street would believe, what Thomas Taut from Vienna, Austria, has achieved." To run seven full marathons on seven continents within seven (consecutive) days is a mighty challenge, indeed. But exactly how is one capable of accomplishing this task actually supposed to look like? Well, personally I would expect winners: well trained sportsmen, athletic from head to toe, young and strong, powerful and fast, lean and successful. As is for instance the following couple: Yes, I believe they could make it both after some specific training. And then comes my appearance, as an extreme athlete. Old, slightly obese - at least in comparison -, plagued by allergic asthma. But it is ME who has conquered the World Marathon Challenge and no one else from Austria! Oh, I see. Those impressions do not fit together and this discrepancy matters. It is therefore important right at the start to overcome any such prejudices and to open your hearts to me. Only after having heard or read my story in full you will be able to expand your own imaginations. And you, too, will become able to realize and utilize a lot more of your inner powers. I may tell here not from my previous achievements as a nuclear physicist, not from my several other former professions and not from gardening, my second biggest passion. These are not the reasons you grabbed this book for the first time. No, this writing is all about my side activities as a hobby-jogger like million others! I am of limited talents in all kinds of sport, unfortunately. But I am in with all my body and soul. I have started running as late as at the age of 35 years. But I had soon developed big visions. I have never won a race. But also never quit one. My motto is: "Not fast – not last! " I have never been a top athlete. But I have been following the road all the way to extreme sport. And with this new self-confidence I want to answer the above question: "This is – you?! " now with "Yes, this is me. You do not have to be perfect to accomplish the unthinkable. And believe me, there are still several more challenges left on my bucket list! " The IT nerds use to say: "It's not a bug, it's a feature! " Yes, I may be old, small and slower than previously. But despite my age of 53 years I had been rising up to the same level as Vanessa and Marcel, Austria ́s top sportswoman and –man of the year 2019! Vanessa Herzog, the world champion in speed skating, can be booked for key note speeches on the very same platform as I (Sports.Selection). And my first book has been published by the very same company (egoth) as the biography of Marcel Hirscher, the eight times skiing world cup champion, winner of several titles at Olympic games and world championships. Both our books stand close together and fight there for the attention of interested readers. Do you want to know how this development was possible? What it took? How it all began? But also which personalities I got to know on the way? Which lessons I have learned? And how much it enriched my life? Let yourself be taken onto a round-the-world trip into the incredible!

Running Past Fifty

Running Past Fifty PDF Author: Gail Waesche Kislevitz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1510736301
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 350

Book Description
Running brings joy and health benefits to all participants, especially those of the baby boomer generation. But when legs get sore, joints feel achy, and old age creeps up, sometimes senior runners need a little extra motivation to get out of the door and on the road. In Running Past Fifty, lifelong runner Gail Waesche Kislevitz provides helpful tips and motivation from thirty-six runners aged fifty or older. Presenting time-tested recommendations, Kislevitz interviews some of the nation’s greatest senior runners. Included here are exclusive interviews with greats such as Ed Whitlock, who, at the age of eighty-five, set an age-division world record of 3:56 in the marathon; Bill Rodgers, winner of four Boston Marathons and four New York City Marathons; George Hirsch, chairman of New York Road Runners; Olympian and author Jeff Galloway; world record holder Sid Howard; and runner and women’s pioneer runner and advocate Kathrine Switzer And legendary runners aren’t the only ones running well into seniority. Kislevitz also offers motivational stories from average runners who hit the pavement frequently and refuse to let their age stop them from competing regularly. Baby boomer runners may be slower than they once were, but they show no signs of slowing down. Inspiring and insightful, Running Past Fifty is the perfect read for every one of them.

Wild Horses Run: Beyond the Sugared Hills

Wild Horses Run: Beyond the Sugared Hills PDF Author: Diane Prebula
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1640281118
Category : Poetry
Languages : en
Pages : 132

Book Description
Praise for God's creation rings like timeless bells, blows like a train from yesterday's valley announcing the joy of His rescue, relief, and plan-hope and a future beyond our imagination. Simple visions of His majesty and compassion flash through the pages of Wild Horses Run-Beyond the Sugared Hills as in the following selection from the poem, "Appaloosa Sky": You have blown lavender light on the hills. The afternoon is sinking into dusk, soaking into the ground of our breath . . . The appaloosa sky dapples with a thousand small clouds. They begin to merge as they drift over the hills. Hope begins to rise within-it dapples our countenance. This collection of poems praises the Lord of all creation for speaking to and through us. He does this in spite of our sin and frailty. Consider the following excerpt from the poem, "The Invitation": Everything's in flux, and I'm fading with age as our culture draws the breath of its final images, its concluding sentences. This ending may drag on for years or decades; we cry for rescue with eyes of faith. You infuse us with a scent of home. We've welcomed everyone to join us-so many choose to decline. The pilgrimage revealed on these pages reflects the pain and suffering we all experience in this fallen world, especially in these postmodern days. God's people cry, "Come, Lord Jesus!" The following lines from the poem, "Seabird Passing" praise Him: It's You, Lord; You absorb A spout of tears as I press into the chest of Your Spirit. You touch me with a breath of Your boundless beauty. Ponder these verses from the poem, "Piano Solos": You interpret the music and dance to color us through winds by the ocean. You draw us through forests and over hills. But again, You take us back to Your lost cities, where we stumble through the brown haze; we learn to breathe through the back side of everything, including ourselves.

Becoming a Sustainable Runner

Becoming a Sustainable Runner PDF Author: Tina Muir
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1718214049
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 250

Book Description
Becoming a Sustainable Runner is not just another running guide on developing the physical attributes to run faster or longer. What it will help you achieve is a newfound purpose that merges your passion for running with your concern for your health, your community, and the environment. It weaves together concepts of internal and external sustainability in a way that will help you run, think, and act in a way that is in line with your values. Divided into three parts, the book begins by giving you the tools to find excitement and joy in your runs and sustain your running for the long term. These include acknowledging stressors, setting new challenges, changing where you run and who you run with, and prioritizing physical and mental rest to minimize the risk of injury, illness, and burnout. Next, discover ways to enrich your running through personal connections. Learn about the importance of joining or forming a running community that fosters comradery with others who believe in the power of service and in giving back in meaningful and impactful ways. Then, tap into your passion to sustain our planet. Know what it means to be an eco-conscious traveler, make environmentally friendly choices about where you run and the products you use, and reduce your carbon footprint through the 3R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling. Throughout the book you’ll enjoy stories from the authors about their personal challenges and triumphs as runners and stewards of the environment. Quotes and insights from well-known runners who are also climate change and environmental justice advocates underscore the breadth and depth of the issues facing us all. As a runner, you have the power to change the world for the better. Becoming a Sustainable Runner provides actionable steps to help you do just that.

Aspectual Grammar and Past Time Reference

Aspectual Grammar and Past Time Reference PDF Author: Laura A. Michaelis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134730071
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 320

Book Description
This study presents a semantic framework for analysing all aspectual constructions in terms of the event state distinction, and describes the grammatical expression of aspectual meaning in terms of a theory of grammatical constructions. In this theory, grammatical constructions, like words, are conventionalized form-meaning pairs, which are best described not only with respect to their intrinsic semantic values, but also with respect to the functional oppositions in which they participate.

The Planted Runner

The Planted Runner PDF Author: Claire Bartholic
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
ISBN: 178255890X
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 247

Book Description
With The Planted Runner, runners learn to optimize their training with plantbased nutrition, harness the power of their minds, and perform at their best while discovering the joy of running at any age. Plant-based nutrition is no longer a fad, but rather has been shown to improve athletic performance and reduce recovery time. Fueling with the power of plants is not only a suitable eating plan for training, but it is also delicious and satisfying. Certified running coach and sports nutrition specialist Claire Bartholic breaks down the information to provide complete understanding of how to eat not only to fuel running, but also to thrive. She also includes information on the basic ingredients and building blocks of a plant-based diet, rounded out with runner-specific fueling recipes that are good before, during, and after a run. Successful training requires more than just good plans and nutrition, however. Without addressing the mental side of training, results will be limited. The proven mindset training techniques provided in this book quiet that negative self-talk which can sabotage the best efforts. With those doubts silenced, every runner can find his or her potential. Through her coaching, Claire Bartholic has found the best way to successfully integrate those three critical elements—physical training, plant-based fueling, and mindset techniques—to help hundreds of runners reach their personal bests, and she provides her wealth of knowledge in this book.

Getting Loose

Getting Loose PDF Author: Sam Binkley
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822389517
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 311

Book Description
From “getting loose” to “letting it all hang out,” the 1970s were filled with exhortations to free oneself from artificial restraints and to discover oneself in a more authentic and creative life. In the wake of the counterculture of the 1960s, anything that could be made to yield to a more impulsive vitality was reinvented in a looser way. Food became purer, clothing more revealing, sex more orgiastic, and home decor more rustic and authentic. Through a sociological analysis of the countercultural print culture of the 1970s, Sam Binkley investigates the dissemination of these self-loosening narratives and their widespread appeal to America’s middle class. He describes the rise of a genre of lifestyle publishing that emerged from a network of small offbeat presses, mostly located on the West Coast. Amateurish and rough in production quality, these popular books and magazines blended Eastern mysticism, Freudian psychology, environmental ecology, and romantic American pastoralism as they offered “expert” advice—about how to be more in touch with the natural world, how to release oneself into trusting relationships with others, and how to delve deeper into the body’s rhythms and natural sensuality. Binkley examines dozens of these publications, including the Whole Earth Catalog, Rainbook, the Catalog of Sexual Consciousness, Celery Wine, Domebook, and Getting Clear. Drawing on the thought of Pierre Bourdieu, Zygmunt Bauman, and others, Binkley explains how self-loosening narratives helped the middle class confront the modernity of the 1970s. As rapid social change and political upheaval eroded middle-class cultural authority, the looser life provided opportunities for self-reinvention through everyday lifestyle choice. He traces this ethos of self-realization through the “yuppie” 1980s to the 1990s and today, demonstrating that what originated as an emancipatory call to loosen up soon evolved into a culture of highly commercialized consumption and lifestyle branding.
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