Criminal Law and Morality in the Age of Consent

Criminal Law and Morality in the Age of Consent PDF Author: Aniceto Masferrer
Publisher: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030641635
Category : Law
Languages : en
Pages : 361

Book Description
This book discusses the relation between morality and politics, and morality and law, a field that has been studied for more than two thousand years The law is a part of human culture, and this touches upon a dynamic reality that is connected to the relation between nature and freedom, nature and culture. If such relations are not clearly understood, as is the case today, the relation between morality and law cannot be properly comprehended either. The relationship between morality and criminal law must constantly evolve to meet the needs of changing times and circumstances. Social changes and new situations require new answers. And since the relationship involves criminal law, legal philosophy and legal history, interdisciplinary approaches are always needed. Featuring fifteen original contributions by legal scholars from various European and American universities, the book does not pretend to solve the complexity of the relation between morality and criminal law, but instead expresses criticism, offers some proposals and stimulates further thought. The book tackles the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective (criminal law, constitutional law, legal philosophy and legal history, among others). As such, it appeals not only to scholars and students, but also to lawyers, policymakers, historians, theologians, philosophers and general readers who are interested in the legal, social, political and philosophical issues of our time.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law PDF Author: David Brody
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0763759139
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 432

Book Description
The highly anticipated Second Edition of Criminal Law introduces students to the underlying principles, legal doctrine, and rules regarding crimes, defenses, and punishment in substantive criminal law. Innovative in its case study approach, this thoroughly updated revision will help students develop analytical skills, while learning the content and context of substantive criminal law. Now with a more student-friendly format, this text guides students through theory and practice, using a blend of old and new materials to foster understanding of what the law is, how it evolved, the principles on which it is based, and how it applies to various circumstances.

Redefining Rape

Redefining Rape PDF Author: Estelle B. Freedman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674728505
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 413

Book Description
The uproar over "legitimate rape" during the 2012 U.S. elections confirms that rape remains a word in flux, subject to political power and social privilege. Redefining Rape describes the forces that have shaped the meaning of sexual violence in the U.S., through the experiences of accusers, assailants, and advocates for change.

Misogyny, Misandry, and Misanthropy

Misogyny, Misandry, and Misanthropy PDF Author: R. Howard Bloch
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520065468
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 260

Book Description
These essays, originally comprising an issue of Representations, explore the relation between gender, eroticism, and violence through close analysis of a range of both high and popular cultural forms, from R. Howard Bloch on medieval theology to Carol Clover on contemporary slasher films. Does misogyny differ from misandry? Can author intention be separated from social context? Do good women counterbalance or reenforce the misogyny of negative examples? Is an obsession with women itself misogynistic? These questions are approached from various angles by Joel Fineman, Charles Bernheimer, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Frances Ferguson, Naomi Schor and Gillian Brown. In sum, the authors detail not only the ways in which gender is represented, but also the changes to which representation subjects questions of sexual difference.

The Age of Consent

The Age of Consent PDF Author: M. Waites
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230505937
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 285

Book Description
The Age of Consent; Young People, Sexuality and Citizenship addresses the contentious issue of how children's sexual behaviour should be regulated. The text includes: ·A unique history of age of consent laws in the UK, analysed via contemporary social theory ·A global comparative survey of age of consent laws and relevant international human rights law ·A critical analysis of how protectionist agendas shaped new age of consent laws in England and Wales in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 ·In-depth theoretical discussion of the rationale for age of consent laws ·An original proposal to reduce the age of consent to 14 for young people who are less than two years apart in age Responding to contemporary concerns about young people's sexual behaviour, sexual abuse and paedophilia, this book will engage readers in law and socio-legal studies, sociology, history, politics, social policy, youth and childhood studies, and gender and sexuality studies; and professionals and practitioners working with young people.

Sex and the American Teenager

Sex and the American Teenager PDF Author: R. Murray Thomas
Publisher: R&L Education
ISBN: 160709018X
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 264

Book Description
Sex and the American Teenager provides an expert's assessment of the controversies surrounding the sexual development of adolescents, and their beliefs and problems regarding such matters. Using numerous case studies, Dr. Thomas illustrates specific ways that sexual issues arise in school and the variables that impact each case, while suggesting ways parents and school officials can deal with problematic situations. Though not simply statistics-laden, Dr. Thomas's book is replete with information about teenagers who engage in sexual acts, become pregnant, are sexually abused, and contract sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Thomas also discusses the coping methods teenagers use, and he describes the types of sex education programs in which students are most likely to participate. Dozens of case studies illustrate how problems of students' sexual behavior can differ from one incident to another depending on the teenagers' ages, family backgrounds, school settings, and the culture of the surrounding communities. Thomas concludes the book by summarizing the recent past and speculating about the likely status of sex in schools in the years ahead.

Atlantic Reporter

Atlantic Reporter PDF Author:
Category : Law reports, digests, etc
Languages : en
Pages : 1232

Book Description

Contraception, Colonialism and Commerce

Contraception, Colonialism and Commerce PDF Author: Sarah Hodges
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754638094
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 196

Book Description
This book outlines both the overlapping stories of the international birth control movement in south India, one of the strong-holds of Indian birth control advocacy, as well as the south Indian indigenization of international birth control. More than simply a supplementary narrative or case study, it argues that India's engagement with birth control remade the international scene just as India was refashioned by its engagement with international birth control.

Sex, Crime and Morality

Sex, Crime and Morality PDF Author: Sharon Hayes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136575960
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 146

Book Description
Over the last few decades, there has been a marked increase in media and debate surrounding a specific group of offences in modern Democratic nations which bear the brunt of the label ‘crimes against morality’. Included within this group are offences related to prostitution and pornography, homosexuality and incest and child sexual abuse. This book examines the nexus between sex, crime and morality from a theoretical perspective. This is the first academic text to offer an examination and analysis of the philosophical underpinnings of sex-related crimes and social attitudes towards them and the historical, anthropological and moral reasons for differentiating these crimes in contemporary western culture. The book is divided into three sections corresponding to three theoretical frameworks: Part 1 examines the moral temporality of sex and taboo as a foundation for legislation governing sex crimes Part 2 focuses on the geography of sex and deviance, specifically notions of public morality and the public private divide Part 3 examines the moral economy of sex and harm, including the social construction of harm. Sex, Crime and Morality will be key reading for students of criminology, criminal justice, gender studies and ethics, and will also be of interest to justice professionals.
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