Geoengineered Transhumanism

Geoengineered Transhumanism PDF Author: Elana Freeland
ISBN: 9780578927053
Category : Nature
Languages : en
Pages : 696

Book Description
Weaponizing all of planet Earth sounds unbelievable until you start examining what we've thought of as separate issues. Geoengineered Transhumanism is a connect-the-dots for those who count remaining human as their highest priority.

The Geoengineered Transhuman

The Geoengineered Transhuman PDF Author: Elana Freeland
Publisher: Bear
ISBN: 9781591435129
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Languages : en
Pages : 0

Book Description
• Explores how chemicals and nanotechnology are being continuously delivered via chemtrail aerosols by jets, drones, and rockets in the guise of “climate change” • Examines the public-private partnerships behind transhumanism, including Big Pharma, GMO agribusiness, DARPA/IARPA, corporations, and foundations • Reveals the reality of the secret space program (SSP) and the planetary “smart grid” of 5G/6G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) What if the degradation of the planet is not just a byproduct of human greed but the explicit intention of government agencies bought off by corporations? What if their intent is to create a “post-human” global government run by AI, populated by a genetically and electromagnetically altered Homo sapiens loaded with nanotechnology and run by 5G/6G/7G transceivers from space? Building on decades of research, Elana Freeland offers a comprehensive exposé of the transhumanist agenda—the transformation of humanity into a slave class by means of biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. She reveals that weather control is already a global reality, thanks to the aerosol chemtrails that maintain the ionized atmosphere needed for a myriad of military and civilian wireless operations like weather modification, delivery of nanotechnology and synthetic biology (synbio) by jets, drones, and rockets, and pulses that alter human behavior, bodies, and brains. The air we breathe, the soil we grow our food in, and the water we drink have all been altered away from Nature and toward a synthetic “metaverse.” Meanwhile, Big Pharma injects nano-sized hardware and software in vivo that activate a transhumanist brain-computer interface with AI. The author also examines the public-private partnerships behind transhumanism, including Big Pharma, GMO agribusiness, DARPA/IARPA, corporations, and foundations, and reveals the reality of the secret space program (SSP) and the planetary “smart grid” of 5G/6G. The eons-old global dream of power seems to be coming of age in this overwhelmingly technological era of domination by the wealthy. And yet by exposing the transhumanist agenda and studying the technology being employed to subjugate the human race, we have the opportunity to begin to find ways not just to resist becoming machines ourselves but also to become self-responsible creators who utilize our technologies not for power but for restoring a high civilization in service to the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

What the Hell Is Going On? The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom

What the Hell Is Going On? The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom PDF Author: Donald Lee
Publisher:, Inc.
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 271

Book Description
Why does nothing make sense? How can there be a “climate emergency” when the climate has not changed noticeably during my lifetime? How can we fight a “War on Drugs” for fifty years and the drug problem gets worse? How can we fight a “War on Terror” for two decades yet there’s more terror than ever? How could there be a worldwide “pandemic” when there were no excess deaths anywhere in 2020? Why is the answer to every problem more power and control for governments yet they never solve the problems? Why is it that the real power doesn’t seem to be in elected governments at all? Every government in the world seems to be taking its marching orders from the World Economic Forum? What the Hell Is Going On? What’s the connection between all these things? Is it all just an accident? These events seem to be planned, but even if they aren’t, it doesn’t matter. Like pregnancy, planned or unplanned, the result is the same. Whether by accident or conspiracy, we are on the road to totalitarian slavery. It’s not hard to understand. But it’s hard to believe. It is unbelievable. You have to see the evidence to believe it. That what this book is about—evidence. Donald Lee pulls together evidence from a dozen disciplines to “connect the dots” on a web of fraud that is leading inexorably to a one-world totalitarian tyranny. That’s the path we’re on. But we can still get on a different path. We’re in World War III. It’s a 5th generation war so it doesn’t even seem like war. At its root it is a spiritual war—and spiritual wars are fought within. “My favorite line from the book is: ‘In this spiritual war, our strategy is love, our tactic is forgiveness, our weapon is non-violent, non-cooperation.’ I couldn’t agree more.” Karen Kan, M.D. In What the Hell Is Going On?, spiritual author Donald Lee takes you on a journey of unfolding enlightenment. He shows you how: To perceive differently so you can perceive what is really going on. The Marxist “Philosophy of Death” has slowly marched through the institutions and culture of the Western world. The tactics of communist subversion have overwhelmed our society and nobody noticed. Mass formation psychosis has blinded people to reality, making them immune to reason and common sense in every fraud. We still have the structure of democracy in the Western world, but all governance is really functioning as a dictatorship—the Policy Hierarchy. The central bank digital currencies about to be unleashed on the world will trap everyone in the iron grip of a greater slavery than the world has ever known—and from which there will be no escape. The time to escape is NOW. It is already late. If we delay much longer, all hope will be lost. YOU must act NOW. To turn back the totalitarianism and bring a new rebirth of freedom. Turning back to democracy means turning back to God, means exposing the lies and uncovering the truth, particularly the truth of who you really are—an eternal child of God, a being of Light and Love. “You will be surprised, maybe horrified, but you won't emerge with the same set of conclusions you went in with.” Christopher A. Shaw, Ph.D. This might be the most important book you read this decade! Buy it now.


Geoengineering PDF Author: Mark M. Rich
Publisher: Mark Rich
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 147

Book Description
Deadly aerosols that poison the air, food, and water supplies have been injected into the atmosphere since the late 1940s. The program, known as geoengineering, has been implemented by wealthy eugenicists to deliberately sabotage the planet and commit mass murder. By directly poisoning the Earth's life-sustaining natural resources, geoengineering offers a compound approach to depopulation. The ionospheric heaters, which are used in conjunction with geoengineering, allow for the creation of artificial droughts and floods that are impacting many nations. Geoengineering has unleashed fatal climate feedback loops that have set the planet on a doomful course. The fallouts and weather attacks further a deceptive gambit for global feudalism known as Agenda 21. With obstructive policies and rising costs, they intend to seize private property and herd citizens into megacities with towering prisons that hold hundreds of thousands of people.

GeoEngineering the Apocalypse

GeoEngineering the Apocalypse PDF Author: Clyde Lewis
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781981922086
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 108

Book Description
For more than 20 years veteran radio host Clyde Lewis has researched the strange the odd and the bizarre. his writings, featured in many magazines, have now become legendary on topics such as HAARP, the fake moon landing, the apocalypse and about everything you could Imagine in between. Now some of his influential research into CHEMTRAILS, GeoEngineering, and Climate Change have been collected into one book. His theories are shocking, his conclusions are disturbing, and you will not put this book down... Read it if you dare...

The Fight Against Geoengineering

The Fight Against Geoengineering PDF Author: Andrew Calbery
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525507788
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 194

Book Description
Do you find it strange that some airplanes leave lines in the sky while others don't? Ever heard the word "chemtrails"? Well, something is happening up there in the sky. This book details the history of weather modification, the dangers it has to our environment, and also includes health related issues and offers advice about living with geoengineering. An introduction to the many covert operations not related to climate control that will be possible should the public accept planes spraying the sky are included. Read on and find out what you can do to help The Fight Against Geoengineering.

The Transhumanism Handbook

The Transhumanism Handbook PDF Author: Newton Lee
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030169200
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 863

Book Description
Modern humanity with some 5,000 years of recorded history has been experiencing growing pains, with no end in sight. It is high time for humanity to grow up and to transcend itself by embracing transhumanism. Transhumanism offers the most inclusive ideology for all ethnicities and races, the religious and the atheists, conservatives and liberals, the young and the old regardless of socioeconomic status, gender identity, or any other individual qualities. This book expounds on contemporary views and practical advice from more than 70 transhumanists. Astronaut Neil Armstrong said on the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Transhumanism is the next logical step in the evolution of humankind, and it is the existential solution to the long-term survival of the human race.

The Ethics of Nanotechnology, Geoengineering, and Clean Energy

The Ethics of Nanotechnology, Geoengineering, and Clean Energy PDF Author: Andrew Maynard
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1000152022
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 622

Book Description
Nanotechnology, clean technology, and geoengineering span the scale of human ingenuity, from the imperceptibly small to the unimaginably large. Yet they are united by a commonality of ethics that permeates how and why they are developed, and how the resulting consequences are managed. The articles in this volume provide a comprehensive account of current thinking around the ethics of development and use within each of the technological domains, and addresses challenges and opportunities that cut across all three. In particular, the collection provides unique insights into the ethics of ’noumenal’ technologies - technologies that are impossible to see or detect or conceive of with human senses or conventional tools. This collection will be of relevance to anyone who is actively involved with ensuring the responsible and sustainable development of nanotechnology, geoengineering or clean technology.

Handbook of the Anthropocene

Handbook of the Anthropocene PDF Author: Nathanaël Wallenhorst
Publisher: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3031259106
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 1595

Book Description
This Handbook is a collection of contributions of more than 300 researchers who have worked to grasp the Anthropocene, this new geological epoch characterised by a modification of the conditions of habitability of the Earth for all living things, in its biogeophysical and socio-political reality. These researchers also sought to define a historical and prospective anthropology that integrates social, economic, cultural and political issues as well as, of course, environmental ones. What are the anthropological changes needed to ensure that our human adventure will be able to continue in the Anthropocene? And what are the educational and political issues involved? Anthropocene is fast becoming a widely-used term, but thus far, there been no reference work explaining the thoughts of the greatest experts of the present day on this subject (at the intersection of biogeophysical and socio-political knowledge). A scientific and political concept (but which is also the conceptual vehicle for conveying the scientific community's sense of concern), this complex term is explained by international experts as they reflect on scientific arguments taking place in earth system science, the social sciences and the humanities. What these researchers from different disciplines have in common is a healthy concern for the future and how to prepare for it in the Anthropocene and also the identification of possible anthropological changes. This Handbook encourages readers to immerse themselves in reflections on the human adventure through descriptions of our differing heritages and the future that is in the process of being written.

Transhumanism and Posthumanism in Twenty-First Century Narrative

Transhumanism and Posthumanism in Twenty-First Century Narrative PDF Author: Sonia Baelo-Allué
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1000374017
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 335

Book Description
Transhumanism and Posthumanism in Twenty-First Century Narrative brings together fifteen scholars from five different countries to explore the different ways in which the posthuman has been addressed in contemporary culture and more specifically in key narratives, written in the second decade of the 21st century, by Dave Eggers, William Gibson, John Shirley, Tom McCarthy, Jeff Vandermeer, Don DeLillo, Margaret Atwood, Cixin Liu and Helen Marshall. Some of these works engage in the premises and perils of transhumanism, while others explore the qualities of the (post)human in a variety of dystopian futures marked by the planetary influence of human action. From a critical posthumanist perspective that questions anthropocentrism, human exceptionalism and the centrality of the ‘human’ subject in the era of the Anthropocene, the scholars in this collection analyse the aesthetic choices these authors make to depict the posthuman and its aftereffects.
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