Finding and Naming Thomas Chippendale's Marquetry Team

Finding and Naming Thomas Chippendale's Marquetry Team PDF Author: Jack Metcalfe
ISBN: 9781916495845
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Languages : en
Pages : 80

Book Description
Jack Metcalfe examines the contents of Thomas Chippendale's ground-breaking Director, first published in 1754, that established the 'Chippendale brand'. This eventually led him to uncovering links with a fellow neighbouring furniture maker, Pierre Langlois, operating only a mile from Chippendale's own workshop, whose marquetry designs echoed many motifs found within the Director. Jack explores the possible union between the two furniture makers, embodied in a magnificent commode owned by one leading client. The stage was set, allowing Jack to further identify and reveal the marquetry team, both by name and nationality, who eventually performed all the marquetry work on Chippendale's own commissions that were to follow. In addition, Jack also examines the role of the man who cast all the brass mounts attached to Chippendale's marquetry commissions. With its engaging narrative and scholarly historical links, Jack's book offers revealing insights into the furniture industry of 18th-century London. Jack's passion for the subject shines through on every page, along with his expert knowledge, gained from his unique training in the techniques of Chippendale's marquetry. This book also proves that Jack earlier volume Chippendale's classic Marquetry Revealed was in almost every way accurate in the statements declared in its narrative.
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