Jasmine and Fire

Jasmine and Fire PDF Author: Salma Abdelnour
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 030788595X
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 338

Book Description
As Beirut exploded with the bombs and violence of a ruthless civil war in the ’80s, a nine-year-old Salma Abdelnour and her family fled Lebanon to start a new life in the States. Ever since then—even as she built a thriving career as a food and travel writer in New York City—Salma has had a hunch that Beirut was still her home. She kept dreaming of moving back—and finally decided to do it. But could she resume her life in Beirut, so many years after her family moved away? Could she, or anyone for that matter, ever really go home again? Jasmine and Fire is Salma’s poignant and humorous journey of trying to resettle in Beirut and fumbling through the new realities of life in one of the world’s most complex, legendary, ever-vibrant, ever-troubled cities. What’s more, in a year of roiling changes around the Middle East and the rise of the Arab Spring, Salma found herself in the midst of the turmoil. As she comes to grips with all the changes in her life—a love left behind in New York and new relationships blossoming in Beirut—Salma takes comfort in some of Lebanon’s enduring traditions, particularly its extraordinary food culture. Through the sights, sounds, and flavors of a city full of beauty, tragedy, despair, and hope, Salma slowly begins to reconnect with the place she’s longed for her entire life.

Promised in Fire

Promised in Fire PDF Author: Jasmine Walt
ISBN: 9781948108553
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 0

Book Description

The Jasmine Throne

The Jasmine Throne PDF Author: Tasha Suri
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0316538523
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 531

Book Description
WINNER OF THE WORLD FANTASY AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2021 BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, LIBRARY JOURNAL, BOOKLIST, AND THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY A ruthless princess and a powerful priestess come together to rewrite the fate of an empire in this “fiercely and unapologetically feminist tale of endurance and revolution set against a gorgeous, unique magical world” (S. A. Chakraborty, author of the The City of Brass). Exiled by her despotic brother, princess Malini spends her days dreaming of vengeance while imprisoned in the Hirana: an ancient cliffside temple that was once the revered source of the magical deathless waters but is now little more than a decaying ruin. The secrets of the Hirana call to Priya. But in order to keep the truth of her past safely hidden, she works as a servant in the loathed regent’s household and cleaning Malini’s chambers. When Malini witnesses Priya’s true nature, their destinies become irrevocably tangled. One is a ruthless princess seeking to steal a throne. The other a powerful priestess desperate to save her family. Together, they will set an empire ablaze. Praise for The Jasmine Throne: "Suri’s writing always brings me to another world; one full of wonders and terrors, where every detail feels intricately and carefully imagined." —R. F. Kuang, author of Babel "Raises the bar for what epic fantasy should be." —Chloe Gong, author of These Violent Delights "An intimate, complex, magical study of empire and the people caught in its bloody teeth. I loved it.” —Alix E. Harrow, author of The Once and Future Witches "Suri’s incandescent feminist masterpiece hits like a steel fist inside a velvet glove. Simply magnificent." —Shelley Parker-Chan, author of She Who Became the Sun "A fierce, heart-wrenching exploration of the value and danger of love in a world of politics and power." —Publishers Weekly (starred review) "Lush and stunning....Inspired by Indian epics, this sapphic fantasy will rip your heart out." —BuzzFeed News

City of Jasmine

City of Jasmine PDF Author: Deanna Raybourn
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 1488032564
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 361

Book Description
New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn delivers the story of one woman who embarks upon a journey to see the world—and ends up finding intrigue, danger and a love beyond all reason. Famed aviatrix Evangeline Starke never expected to see her husband, adventurer Gabriel Starke, ever again. They had been a golden couple, enjoying a whirlwind courtship amid the backdrop of a glittering social set in prewar London until his sudden death with the sinking of the Lusitania. Five years later, beginning to embrace life again, Evie embarks upon a flight around the world. In the midst of her triumphant tour, she is shocked to receive a mysterious—and recent—photograph of Gabriel, which brings her ambitious stunt to a screeching halt. With her eccentric aunt Dove in tow, Evie tracks the source of the photo to the ancient City of Jasmine, Damascus. There she discovers that danger lurks at every turn, and at stake is a priceless relic, an artifact so valuable that criminals will stop at nothing to acquire it. Evie sets off across the desert to unearth the truth of Gabriel’s disappearance and retrieve a relic straight from the pages of history. Along the way, Evie must come to terms with the deception that parted her from Gabriel and the passion that will change her destiny forever… Previously Published.

Black Girl, Call Home

Black Girl, Call Home PDF Author: Jasmine Mans
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0593197143
Category : Poetry
Languages : en
Pages : 258

Book Description
A Most Anticipated Book of 2021 by Oprah Magazine • Time • Vogue • Vulture • Essence • Elle • Cosmopolitan • Real Simple • Marie Claire • Refinery 29 • Shondaland • Pop Sugar • Bustle • Reader's Digest “Nothing short of sublime, and the territory [Mans'] explores...couldn’t be more necessary.”—Vogue From spoken word poet Jasmine Mans comes an unforgettable poetry collection about race, feminism, and queer identity. With echoes of Gwendolyn Brooks and Sonia Sanchez, Mans writes to call herself—and us—home. Each poem explores what it means to be a daughter of Newark, and America—and the painful, joyous path to adulthood as a young, queer Black woman. Black Girl, Call Home is a love letter to the wandering Black girl and a vital companion to any woman on a journey to find truth, belonging, and healing.


Jasmine PDF Author: Noboru Tsujihara
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 0857282697
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 315

Book Description
Intrigue, betrayal, family secrets, forbidden passions – this tale of adventure and suspense links the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 and the Kobe earthquake of 1995 through the story of Akihiko Waki. The story begins in 1990, as Akihiko learns that his father, presumed dead in China, was leading a double life and is in fact alive and in danger. His journey leads him to Shanghai, where he finds himself mysteriously drawn to the actress Li Xing, as his search for his father becomes also a desperate battle to save her from the brutal authorities…

World on Fire

World on Fire PDF Author: Hannah Anderson
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 108775383X
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 123

Book Description
Does it feel like no matter where you look or what the issue is, everyone seems to be fighting about everything? We live in the information age, with more access to knowledge than ever before, flowing to us in a never-ending digital stream of updates, statistics, polls, opinions, news, and narratives from those on opposing sides of any issue. And while we’d assume this influx of information would help us find a good, informed way forward in our culture, it actually stirs up all sorts of anger, anxiety, and even loneliness. This all contributes to an increasingly defensive society that feels like it’s not only fracturing, but could go up in flames at any moment. If you’re anything like the contributors to World on Fire, you’ve realized that all this knowledge isn’t the same thing as wisdom. While our world relies on expected, reflexive, status-quo, earthly wisdom to make a way forward or take a side on any given issue, Christ would rather us rely on his unexpected, counterintuitive, going-against-the- grain, heavenly wisdom as outlined in his famous Beatitudes. This surprising wisdom is not a call to be removed from the fire we feel blazing around us, but one to engage and tame it—beginning with our own hearts. Whatever those nearest you seem to be arguing about today, and no matter what the fire looks like in your neck of the woods, Jesus has an answer for the ways his kingdom citizens should walk as they navigate the flames in his power and posture. In their own unique voice and in their own unique way, each contributor in World on Fire welcomes you to come explore not only some of the polarizing issues of our day, but how the unexpected wisdom of Jesus might help us be more discerning and Christlike amidst them.

The Secret of Fire

The Secret of Fire PDF Author: J. J. Fischer
Publisher: Ambassador International
ISBN: 1649600968
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 452

Book Description
Only one can save them. The Rebellion has fallen. The door to the Outside has been opened. And the one who opened it—Jurien Arminius—is now the most powerful man in Darcentaria. But everything they have known is about to change forever. Separated by Arminius but fighting to get back to each other, El and Torsten encounter unlikely allies that reveal stunning truths about each other, the Outside, and the very beginnings of Darcentaria itself.

The Fire This Time

The Fire This Time PDF Author: Jesmyn Ward
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501126342
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 240

Book Description
"Ward takes James Baldwin's 1963 examination of race in America, The Fire Next Time, as a jumping off point for this ... collection of essays and poems about race from ... voices of her generation and our time"--


Jasmine PDF Author: Bharati Mukherjee
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802136305
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 264

Book Description
After the assassination of her husband, seventeen-year-old Jasmine leaves India to live with a middle-aged banker in a small Iowa town, only to retain some of the traditions and memories of the past.
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