Failure Is an Option

Failure Is an Option PDF Author: H. Jon Benjamin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524742171
Category : Humor
Languages : en
Pages : 256

Book Description
“Writing this funny requires immense talent.” —AV Club H. Jon Benjamin—the lead voice behind Archer and Bob's Burgers—helps us all feel a little better about our own failures by sharing his own in a hilarious memoir-ish chronicle of failure. Most people would consider H. Jon Benjamin a comedy show business success. But he'd like to remind everyone that as great as success can be, failure is also an option. And maybe the best option. In this book, he tells stories from his own life, from his early days ("wherein I'm unable to deliver a sizzling fajita") to his romantic life ("how I failed to quantify a threesome") to family ("wherein a trip to P.F. Chang's fractures a family") to career ("how I failed at launching a kid's show"). As Jon himself says, breaking down one's natural ability to succeed is not an easy task, but also not an insurmountable one. Society as we know it is, sadly, failure averse. But more acceptance of failure, as Jon sees it, will go a long way to making this world a different place . . . a kinder, gentler place, where gardens are overgrown and most people stay home with their pets. A vision of failure, but also a vision of freedom. With stories, examples of artistic and literary failure, and a powerful can't-do attitude, Failure Is an Option is the book the world doesn't need right now but will get regardless.

Darwin in der Stadt Die rasante Evolution der Tiere im Großstadtdschungel

Darwin in der Stadt Die rasante Evolution der Tiere im Großstadtdschungel PDF Author: Menno Schilthuizen
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 3423434457
Category : Science
Languages : de
Pages : 1062

Book Description
Echtzeitevolution: ein neuer Blick auf das geheime Leben der Städte Amseln sind größer, dicker und lauter als ihre Artgenossen draußen im Wald und haben jede Scheu vor Menschen, Hunden und Katzen verloren. Regenwürmer kommen bestens zurecht in verdreckter Innenstadterde. Motten fliegen nicht mehr ins Licht. Gras gedeiht prächtig auf zinkdurchsetztem Boden. Und Kojoten warten an Ampeln. Tiere legen ererbte Verhaltensweisen ab. Man kann Evolution in Echtzeit beobachten, und das mitten in der Stadt. Das ist das große Wunder, das in diesem Buch gewürdigt wird.

Failure is an Option

Failure is an Option PDF Author: Matt Whyman
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN: 183981134X
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 304

Book Description
'We're not at parkrun any more,' I mutter to myself, quietly longing for the presence of nice marshals in high-visibility vests. Failure is an Option is the story of an average runner who sets out to discover just how far he can go. With the support (and misgivings) of his family, and aware that his quickest years are behind him, Matt Whyman leaves the Saturday morning 5K to push towards 100-mile ultramarathons and beyond. By slowing things down to run a very long way, he joins a growing number of men and women from all walks of life striving to do something extraordinary. A newcomer to a world that can often seem off-limits, Matt finds his feet as an ultrarunner by learning the hard way. He battles monster hallucinations on endurance races spanning day and night, loses himself on tantalising trails across landscapes far from home, and forges bonds with fellow competitors in which small, kind gestures mean more than any medal. Determined to touch the boundaries of his running world before it starts to shrink, ultimately Matt sets his sights on a six-day mountain ultra that even hardened veterans consider to be the most formidable on earth: the Dragon's Back Race. Brimming with good humour, honesty and joy, Failure is an Option pits ambition against ability to uncover human truths that resonate with us all. A mid-pack competitor who could win prizes for enthusiasm – if nothing else – Matt takes us on a journey far beyond his comfort zone and with no guaranteed outcome of success. The results are entertaining from start to finish, often very funny and at times deeply moving.

Failure Is Not an Option ®

Failure Is Not an Option ® PDF Author: Alan M. Blankstein
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412979234
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 289

Book Description
How did a tough, "D" school in Brooklyn that was about to be closed down become an "A" school in less than 3 years? How did a large school district in the Midwest use data to drive effective school improvement that led 15 of their 88 schools to make AYP for the first time? How are entire nations like Finland ensuring smooth leadership transition and capacity to sustain student success? Five years, 200,000 readers and one national award after Failure is Not an Optionwas first published, Alan M. Blankstein has documented how educators have closed gaps, turned schools around, and sustained overall success. With contributions from Pedro A. Noguera, Andy Hargreaves, and Dean Fink, this book outlines the who, what, and how of becoming a high-performing school and learning community, shows how to avoid ten common routes to failure, provides double the resources, includes many new case stories and examples, and offers new emphasis on: diversity; assessment for learning; intervention and support for students at risk; and schooling as a community endeavor involving families. The second edition of Failure is Not an Optiontells more than the story, it gives all the specifics, the tools, the insights, and the processes that others have used to ensure that success is the ONLY option!

Failure Is Not an Option

Failure Is Not an Option PDF Author: Gene Kranz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439148813
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 427

Book Description
The author, flight director in NASA's Mission Control, tells of the challenges in space flight from the very early years to the current time and of "his own bold suggestions about what we ought to be doing in space now."--Jacket.

Failure Is Not an Option

Failure Is Not an Option PDF Author: Tony Privett
Publisher: Tony Privett
ISBN: 9781893619746
Category : Lubbock (Tex.)
Languages : en
Pages : 100

Book Description
A Developer's Unconventional Wisdom. "If Edna Ferber had wanted to write a real life story on the history of economic growth in West Texas, her book Giant would have been about Delbert McDougal... " - from the foreword by Coach Bob Knight In this Horatio Alger business story, Delbert McDougal started his own company with a $10,000 loan, followed by many evenings and weekends renting and maintaining a small apartment complex. Over the next twenty five years, McDougal built a multi-million dollar apartment, property development, construction, and realty corporation. The culmination of McDougal's success can be seen in the transformation of the North Overton neighborhood in Lubbock Texas, described as the largest privately-financed urban renewal project in America. His ability to succeed in the face of man), setbacks is a model for any business person, from the sole proprietor to the corporate president.

Failure Is Not NOT an Option

Failure Is Not NOT an Option PDF Author: Patrick Hinds
Publisher: BenBella Books
ISBN: 1637744250
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 241

Book Description
Wall Street Journal Bestseller Publishers Weekly Bestseller Patrick Hinds has failed. A lot. In fact, he’s kind of an expert at it—which is why he’s uniquely qualified to say that failure is a good thing. On paper, the chubby, poor, gay son of a lesbian who wrote pornographic letters to Jesus isn’t the person that you think of when you hear the word “success.” Yet Patrick Hinds has somehow managed to bungle his way through to become the successful co-host of True Crime Obsessed—a podcast with more than 200 million downloads. Before that, though, he failed at many, many things. Patrick’s life is a series of fiascos, missteps, and just plain bad ideas. An eternal optimist, he’s always thrown himself into everything he’s done, even when he probably shouldn’t have. He devoted himself to becoming an actor even though he was terrible, started a daycare even though he hated kids, and somehow had a disastrous time with Bea Arthur . . . even though he couldn’t be gayer. Both heartfelt and hilarious, Failure Is Not Not an Option lets Patrick’s signature storytelling style shine—and it’s also the only book to bravely and definitively declare: 1: Failing simply means that you tried (and if you try enough, eventually success will be an option, too). 2: Ted Bundy is. Not. Hot. By trying, and yes, failing at so many things, Patrick finally found his way—to a great career, a great husband, and a great family. Along the way, there were hurdles to jump, unexpected surprises, and no shortage of laughter. Failure is Not NOT an Option is a fun and outrageous read that will raise you up—and provide a soft landing pad for the next time you fall.

Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Think Like a Rocket Scientist PDF Author: Ozan Varol
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0753553597
Category : Psychology
Languages : en
Pages : 246

Book Description
New ways to think in unprecedented times. Named a "must read" by Susan Cain, "endlessly fascinating" by Daniel Pink, and "bursting with practical insights" by Adam Grant. In this accessible and practical book, Ozan Varol reveals nine simple strategies from rocket science that you can use to make your own giant leaps in work and life -- whether it's landing your dream job, accelerating your business, learning a new skill, or creating the next breakthrough product. Today, thinking like a rocket scientist is a necessity. We all encounter complex and unfamiliar problems in our lives. Those who can tackle these problems -- without clear guidelines and with the clock ticking -- enjoy an extraordinary advantage. Think Like a Rocket Scientist will inspire you to take your own moonshot and enable you to achieve lift-off.
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