Things in Jars

Things in Jars PDF Author: Jess Kidd
Publisher: Atria Books
ISBN: 1982145129
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 384

Book Description
In the dark underbelly of Victorian London, a formidable female sleuth is pulled into the macabre world of fanatical anatomists and crooked surgeons while investigating the kidnapping of an extraordinary child in this gothic mystery—perfect for fans of The Essex Serpent and The Book of Speculation. Bridie Devine—female detective extraordinaire—is confronted with the most baffling puzzle yet: the kidnapping of Christabel Berwick, secret daughter of Sir Edmund Athelstan Berwick, and a peculiar child whose reputed supernatural powers have captured the unwanted attention of collectors trading curiosities in this age of discovery. Winding her way through the labyrinthine, sooty streets of Victorian London, Bridie won’t rest until she finds the young girl, even if it means unearthing a past that she’d rather keep buried. Luckily, her search is aided by an enchanting cast of characters, including a seven-foot tall housemaid; a melancholic, tattoo-covered ghost; and an avuncular apothecary. But secrets abound in this foggy underworld where spectacle is king and nothing is quite what it seems. Blending darkness and light, history and folklore, Things in Jars is a spellbinding Gothic mystery that collapses the boundary between fact and fairy tale to stunning effect and explores what it means to be human in inhumane times.

Mason Jar Gifts: Recipes for Easy, Inexpensive Christmas Gifts in Jars (Jar Recipes, Jar Gifts, Homemade Gifts)

Mason Jar Gifts: Recipes for Easy, Inexpensive Christmas Gifts in Jars (Jar Recipes, Jar Gifts, Homemade Gifts) PDF Author: Jamie Matthews
Publisher: KMT Marketing
Category : Cooking
Languages : en
Pages :

Book Description
Learn Easy Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make us happy. Easy Christmas gifts in a jar are one of those simple things. And they can become one of your family's Christmas customs you enjoy year after year. Mason Jar Gifts can be an inexpensive treat to give to your friends, colleagues, and even members of your family. The best part is you can go to your local store or shopping mart and gather all your favorite sweets and chocolates to make as many jars as you need. Most of these jars make fun, holiday gift ideas under 10 dollars. And the best thing about Gifts in a Jar is that they aren't just for Christmas. You can give them at any time of the year and for any occasion such as birthdays, get well or even just "thinking of you." So this holiday season or special occasion, give them a unique gift made especially for them. Give the gift of love with their own personal Gift in a Jar. This book contains proven recipes and tips on how you can make quick, easy and Gifts in Jars. I will provide you with everything you need to know from tools, ingredients, and recipes to storage. I've included over 100 Mason Jar Gift Recipes to help you find something for everyone on your list.


Salmagundi PDF Author: Sally Butcher
Publisher: Interlink Publishing
ISBN: 1623710707
Category : Cooking
Languages : en
Pages : 272

Book Description
Fresh. Seasonal. Hot. Cold. Raw. Delicious! Salmagundi is a 17th century English expression denoting a salad dish comprising, well... everything. The nearest modern equivalent is Fiambre, a Guatemalan salad containing in excess of twenty ingredients. This comprehensive new book from acclaimed author, Sally Butcher, looks at salad bowls across the world in 150 recipes. The recipes feature a number of archaic, traditional and staple dishes—and a whole lot of funky new stuff as well. Divided into fourteen chapters (Herbs and Leaves; Vegetables; Beans; Roots; Grains and Pasta, Rice, Cheese, Fish, Meat, Dips, Fruity Salads, Salads for Pudding, The Dressing Room, The Prop Cupboard), no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the ultimate salad recipe. Recipes are flagged where relevant with tags such as “super-healthy” or “skinny-minny” or “main course” to make it more user-friendly. Heavily punctuated with Sally's trademark mixture of folklore and anecdotes, this is an essential update for the foodie bookshelf.

In Jars of Clay

In Jars of Clay PDF Author: Roger Kruger
Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group
ISBN: 1934248835
Category : Church group work
Languages : en
Pages : 201

Book Description
In Jars of Clay is an edifying, elegantly literate piece, offering a sensitive look into the heart of a pastor's calling. In In Jars of Clay, Kruger writes, "These reflections touch on a variety of subjects relating to the personal, pastoral, and spiritual needs of ministry. They provide no easy answers, for if there is one thing I have learned, it is difficult enough just to learn the questions." With warmth and wisdom, Kruger's reflections resonate with the profound simplicity of this realization. His meditations on the roundness of life and one's experience with God employ parables and imagery of Kruger's own that gracefully explore the considerations of the clergy, from personal exhortation to the care of the parish. In Jars of Clay is at once lighthearted and earnest, contemporary as well as rooted in rich tradition.

Gifts in Jars

Gifts in Jars PDF Author: Natalie Wise
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 151071975X
Category : Crafts & Hobbies
Languages : en
Pages : 215

Book Description
Learn to make dozens of unique gifts packaged perfectly in glass jars of various shapes and sizes. Do you have an aspiring gardener on your list? Make a “plant bomb” jar with your favorite flower seeds or an adorable terrarium featuring easy-to-grow air plants. Headed to a bridal shower? Pamper your friend with a manicure kit or mint mojito lip scrub. Who wouldn’t love some homemade sugar cookie mix or healthy and delicious granola in an attractive and reusable jar? Glass jars are easy to come by, cute, and incredibly versatile. Fill them with customized treasures to delight anyone on your list. Projects include: Light-Up Fairy Jar Barbecue Rub Hot Fudge Topping Snowglobe Scenes Vanilla Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub Citronella Oil Lamp Bird Feeder And more! Complete with tips for decorating jars, suggestions for gift tags, and inspiring full-color photographs, Gifts in Jars is here to make your holiday gift list a whole lot more fun.

Animals and Science Education

Animals and Science Education PDF Author: Michael P. Mueller
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319563750
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 265

Book Description
This book discusses how we can inspire today’s youth to engage in challenging and productive discussions around the past, present and future role of animals in science education. Animals play a large role in the sciences and science education and yet they remain one of the least visible topics in the educational literature. This book is intended to cultivate research topics, conversations, and dispositions for the ethical use of animals in science and education. This book explores the vital role of animals with/in science education, specimens, protected species, and other associated issues with regards to the role of animals in science. Topics explored include ethical, curriculum and pedagogical dimensions, involving invertebrates, engineering solutions that contribute to ecosystems, the experiences of animals under our care, aesthetic and contemplative practices alongside science, school-based ethical dialogue, nature study for promoting inquiry and sustainability, the challenge of whether animals need to be used for science whatsoever, reconceptualizing museum specimens, cultivating socioscientific issues and epistemic practice, cultural integrity and citizen science, the care and nurturance of gender-balanced curriculum choices for science education, and theoretical conversations around cultivating critical thinking skills and ethical dispositions. The diverse authors in this book take on the logic of domination and symbolic violence embodied within the scientific enterprise that has systematically subjugated animals and nature, and emboldened the anthropocentric and exploitative expressions for the future role of animals. At a time when animals are getting excluded from classrooms (too dangerous! too many allergies! too dirty!), this book is an important counterpoint. Interacting with animals helps students develop empathy, learn to care for living things, engage with content. We need more animals in the science curriculum, not less. David Sobel, Senior Faculty, Education Department, Antioch University New England

Science: Sorted! Evolution, Nature and Stuff

Science: Sorted! Evolution, Nature and Stuff PDF Author: Glenn Murphy
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330536516
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Languages : en
Pages : 224

Book Description
What's the link between poodles and polar bears? Evolution and genetics are like a map for exploring the whole world of living things. Along the way, we've discovered some pretty shocking stuff about the links between fruit flies and people! Trace the history of life right back to our earliest ancestors, and you'll be amazed at what you'll find. In Evolution, Nature and Stuff Glenn Murphy, author of Why is Snot Green?, tells you everything you need to know, with none of the boring bits! Discover more funny science with Bodies: The Whole Blood-Pumping Story.

Conjuring the Commonplace: A Guide to Everyday Enchantment and Junk Drawer Magic

Conjuring the Commonplace: A Guide to Everyday Enchantment and Junk Drawer Magic PDF Author: Laine Fuller
Publisher: 1000 Volt Press
ISBN: 1734742275
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Languages : en
Pages : 219

Book Description
Is there magic in your junk drawer or in the pieces of a broken china plate? In Conjuring the Commonplace, Laine Fuller and Cory Thomas Hutcheson answer with a resounding, “Yes!” and deftly show you how to incorporate that magic into your everyday. They also point to other hidden treasures in places in your home you may have never thought to look. As the hosts of the long-running podcast New World Witchery, Cory and Laine have shared the folklore and magic of North America and their own magical journeys with listeners. Conjuring the Commonplace continues that conversation, highlighting the folklore of the common objects and the practical ways they have each incorporated these small magics into their lives and how you might too. If you’ve ever questioned whether to toss out that bit of string from a sewing project or wondered what you should know before picking up that shiny penny on the sidewalk, this book is for you.

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains PDF Author: Louise Kenward
Publisher: Footnote Press
ISBN: 1804440558
Category : Nature
Languages : en
Pages : 251

Book Description
'An anthology to treasure and return to' ELINOR CLEGHORN 'Uniquely compelling, dynamic and powerful' LUCY JONES 'Deeply affecting' TOM SHAKESPEARE 'Promises to change the landscape of nature writing' LIZZIE HUXLEY-JONES A first-of-its-kind anthology of nature writing by authors living with chronic illness and physical disability WITH A FOREWORD BY SAMANTHA WALTON Through twenty-five pieces, the writers of Moving Mountains offer a vision of nature that encompasses the close up, the microscopic, and the vast. From a single falling raindrop to the enormity of the north wind, this is nature experienced wholly and acutely, written from the perspective of disabled and chronically ill authors. Moving Mountains is not about overcoming or conquering, but about living with and connecting, shifting the reader's attention to the things easily overlooked by those who move through the world untroubled by the body that carries them. Contributors: Isobel Anderson, Kerri Andrews, Polly Atkin, Khairani Barokka, Victoria Bennett, Feline Charpentier, Cat Chong, Eli Clare, Dawn Cole, Lorna Crabbe, Kate Davis, Carol Donaldson, Alec Finlay, Jamie Hale, Jane Hartshorn, Hannah Hodgson, Sally Huband, Rowan Jaines, Dillon Jaxx, Louise Kenward, Abi Palmer, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Alice Tarbuck, Nic Wilson

The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living

The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living PDF Author: Daisy Luther
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1631586017
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 295

Book Description
Break the spending habit and free yourself from financial fear—save money, plan ahead, pay off your mortgage, retire early! These days, more and more people are struggling to survive as their expenses go up, but their incomes do not. Making ends meet and achieving big goals like being debt-free, traveling, or putting your kids through college without loans is even more challenging. Whether you need to get your finances under control, or you want to achieve some big goals, the strategies to reach them are the same. In The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living, you will find hundreds of fresh ideas for living a life full of joy without spending a lot of money. Learn how to: Redefine necessities Set financial goals Make delicious food on a dime Teach your kids to handle money Save money with a Smartphone And so much more! This book will change the way you look at money—not having it, spending it, and saving it—to show you how frugality can make your life fulfilling and stress-free.
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